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Modern and stylish design villa featuring airy and neat interiors.
Nestled with a saltwater pool as a central piece in the lush tropical garden.

The four bedroom villa has a large functional kitchen & dining and spacious living quarters harbored in one open functional area on the ground floor, seamlessly running into the outdoor, surrounding green and a covered terrace with lounge.

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About us: We’re a well-run international team of hospitality experts looking forward to make everyone’s stay with us one to remember. With our concierge and head of operation having 15 years in travel management.
We speak English, French, Dutch and the local language Khmer.

We offer distinctive, elegant and luxuries villas for holiday rental dotted all over Siem Reap city and surrounding.
Our selection of private villas in Siem Reap ranges from villas with 2 to 12 bedrooms. And from modern style to traditional Cambodia inspired architecture.
Every villa comes fully staffed and we offer 24hrs concierge services.

A rare gem hidden in the tropics, this incredible Cambodian mansion has been curated to meet the highest standards and adorned with rare antiques.

A beautiful 7 bedroom private villa inspired by Khmer traditional architecture. The villa with seven suites and an equipped kitchen boasts a huge garden with a large saltwater pool and pool house.

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– Short text: Elegant and smart design located downtown Siem Reap. The villa with five bedrooms has two kitchens, two living rooms divided
over three floors in a large garden with a rooftop deck, sundeck and terrace at the pool. ecure your reservation for this spacious private villa nestled in a serene location, offering the perfect opportunity to relax. An ideal destination for quality time with family or friends.

– More info: https://roseapplevillas.com/redbox-house/
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Villa Serey

Short text: : A gem of a villa, with an achieved blend of traditional Cambodian and convenient modern. There are 4 bedrooms, accommodating up to 7 guests.
The main villa has two large and one small bedroom beautifully overlooking the pool and tropical garden. The adjacent very well constructed wooden house harbors another two bedrooms.

Every booking includes daily breakfast, housekeeping, guard, back-up generator and personal concierge to host you.

– More info: https://roseapplevillas.com/villa-serey/
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